I'm Only 19, But My Mind Is Old


Erykah Badu
Be careful who you vent to.

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Here’s Hyde to cleanse the negativity from your blog and dash.


ppl think im shy cause i dont talk much in person but actually im just coolin it scanning the situation, watchin from the cut, making mental moves constantly.

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Mariah Carey - Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.)

Sever (MSK-AWR)

Dilated Peoples - Kindness For Weakness (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by Evidence)

Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM - Om

Eyedea vs Brother Ali
New Playlist

1. Atmosphere - The Wind

2. Big Pun Ft. Norega - You Came Up

3. Guru Ft. Slum Village - Cuz I’m Jazzy 

4. L’Orange Ft. Blu - Alone

5. Big L - All Black

6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Escape 


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